myVax™ Pricing​

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    Personal enrollment gives you full access for 25 years​

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    Family enrollment provides access for a family up to 6 individuals,​ processed upon registration​

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    For large scale symptom monitoring​ and large scale immunization record keeping​

Three paths to the same destination.

✓ Child Vaccine Schedule Information
✓ Routine Vaccination Recording
✓ COVID-19 Vaccination Recording
✓ Medication Reminders
✓ Medication Tracking
✓ Connect Laboratory Results
✓ Connect to Electronic Health Record
✓ Telehealth Appointments
✓ HIPAA-compliance
✓ HITECH Security
✓ Own Records for 25 Years
✓ Control Sharing with Physician
✓ Control Sharing with Pharmacist
✓ Control Sharing with School Nurse
✓ Drug-Drug Interactions
✓ Drug-Vaccine Conflicts